Chanel Pre-Fall 2014

Fall 2014 might seem far away, but in the fashion world, it’s right around the corner. Chanel presented their new fashion line in Dallas this week with a country kick. Stars such as Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins, and Kristen Stewart were even in attendance. But, most importantly was the presence of the always classic pearl:


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Our Kind of Holiday Bash

We love to wear our pearls, but why stop there? Use your pearls as inspiration for holiday decor! It’s not overwhelming, yet it still evokes that sense of wintery holiday spirit!




  • Pearlescent balloons: Cheap and easy to find, and come coming in a variety of “pearl” shades. Your local craft store will most likely have these, as well as our next suggestion.
  • Pearl garland:  Garland comes in long strands and can draped on furniture, tables, and other decor you already have. This will automatically make your space look more glamorous and will take you maybe two minutes at most.
  • Craft pearls: These fake pearls come in all different sizes, and can be used in a variety of ways. You can glue them to the wreath on your front door for guests to see first as they walk in. Or, take jars and flower vases you already own and fill them up with craft pearls of different sizes.


  • Cake pops: These desserts are so popular right now, you’re guests will love them. Craft stores have kits for all sorts of cake pop designs, just make sure you pick out a pearl white or white frosting!
  • Cupcakes: Cupcakes are easy and quick to make. Choose any kind of frosting, and then delicately add “edible pearls” on top!  (The only time we’d ever advise you to eat a pearl…)






Now, it’s time for you to fit the part! Wear your favorite pair of pearl studs, layer on pearl necklaces, or wear a simple pendant. Here are some holiday-ready jewels we think would be perfect for a host:P2713M.8 SWR-3168SWE-3164

‘Tis The Season…

We’re finally back after a wonderful vacation, time spent with family and friends, and a yummy Thanksgiving! In case you missed it, here is our little thanksgiving friend that we featured on our digital holiday card (who can resist a turkey in pearls!?): thanksgiving34

Thanksgiving also marked the transition from fall to the festive the holiday season. It’s only been a few days, but Christmas lights have started going up all around the city and fashionista’s are starting to incorporate sparkling fabrics into their wardrobes. Everything is just starting to feel more cheerful!

We’re mostly excited for the influx of festive accessories. Specifically, the holiday’s are the perfect time to embrace your pearls. They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Here is some pearl-perfect holiday outfit inspiration:






Weekly Buzz: Pearls in the News

What a week! The weather got colder, and somehow it’s almost the end of November. Also, we are officially less than a week from Thanksgiving. Just saying. Now here are my picks for this week’s best pearl news:

New York and London are embracing the pearl, the season’s hot gem. (INSTORE Mag)

Fall fashion is all about the details. With the holidays coming up, it’s time to break out the pearls. “Seriously, they could become a girl’s best friend. See ya later diamonds. (New York Times)

According to Cosmopolitan, pearls can now be considered “badass.” Interesting.

Ever wonder how a pearl is formed? The Hairpin just posted a guide that even a five-year-old would be able to understand, and we like it.

Everything old is new again- even your grandmother’s pearls. (

Our favorite royal, Kate Middleton, was spotted wearing drop pearl earrings to a charity event for Place2 Be in London. (Just Jared)

Last but not least, my favorite pearl of the week:


Trending: Pearls Go Punk

Many people are under the impression that you can only wear pearls on special occasions, or that the only people who wear pearls are grandmothers, prep school girls, and British royalty. Don’t get me wrong- pearls are great for special occasions, the elderly, preps, and the Brits- but what people don’t realize is that they also work seamlessly on anyone- anytime, anywhere.

We saw this from so many designers this Fall. Pearls were magnified, studded, draped- the list goes on. This season was about the versatility of the pearl and all the different ways we can wear them.







I loved seeing all the ways pearls were used during NYFW, but my favorite new trend this season has to be “pearls going punk.”  We saw this trend all over the runway, in the New York Times,  and yesterday Cosmopolitan even posted an article about it. This trend contradicts the idea that pearls are only meant to be “proper,” and people are loving it.

Here are just a few of my favorite pearl accessories that can be worn “punk.” Put on your combat boots ladies, it’s time to show your rebellious side!

punk pearls


Rise of the Pearl-Loving Russian Fashionista

W Magazine recently post the article, “Russian Style Evolution: Moscow’s new style setters are subverting cliches to establish a bold new fashion order.”

According to W, the world is seeing a rise of Russian women designers with impeccable style. These women can mix and match old and new, while also maintaining their elegance- a talent many are envious of. They are the next big thing, and we can’t help but notice how all these designers incorporated pearls into their wardrobe.